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President and Founder of the Institute for Hemp

Since 1985 The Institute for Hemp has been a reliable and trusted resource for people around the world looking for information about the Cannabis Plant. Over the past 25 years I have worked and or communicated with many currently working with Cannabis on a legal level in the United States and around the world. I have consulted Governors, Senators, Members of Congress and testified before many state Legislatures about Cannabis. If you need assistance please feel free to contact me. You can find much of what the Institute has done with a SEARCH of the internet. For More Information -CLICK HERE-

Political Consulting

With over 30 years of Political Involvment John Birrenbach Consulting can bring to you services that can help you win elections to changing public policy. Among the many things John Birrenbach Consluting can help you with range from Community Action and Awareness Campaigns to Winning Elections. John Birrenbach Consulting has been involved in everything from Local Issues such as shutting down polluters to helping Governors get elected. John Birrenbach Consulting has helped communities and organizations large and small to make things better. John Birrenbach has been involved in many elections ranging from City Council to Jesse Ventura becoming Governor of the State or Minnesota. The expertise used to help them can help you as well with your issue or campaign. If you would like more information on the various services John Birrenbach Consulting offers you please follow this link - Political Action Assistance -

Marketing & Business Consulting

With over 25 years of Marketing Experience John Birrenbach can help you kick start your marketing. From retail to internet marketing, from One Store or Multi-National Corporation no project is to small or too large for the unique services and expertise brought to you by John Birrenbach Consulting. If you would like more information on the Various Services that I offer please follow this link - Marketing Consulting Services -

Computer Consulting

With nearly 30 years of computer use John Birrenbach has remained on the edge of Computers. Everything from Technology utilization, Training, Networking, and Computer Repair there is no project to large or too small for John Birrenbach Consulting. Be it Apple, PC, Unix, OS9 - OSX, Win 98 - Windows 7, Unix, John Birrenbach Consluting has worked with so many operating systems and environments that we can talk English to teach you to get the most from your computer. John Birrenbach Consluting also offers repair and diagnosis of computers. Be it hardware or software if you computer is not working like it should, we can help. For more information on my Computer Services please follow this link - Computer Consulting Services -


Is my online coffeeshop. From my 20+ years of working with a retail gourmet coffee shop in Down Town St Paul MN, I took my business online and offer hundreds of kinds of gourmet coffee, blends, flavors and much more. I only offer the freshest, and finest gourmet coffees. You will find something you like.


  • What my clients have said, and a client listing
  • Some of My Clients Include:

    Gov. Jesse Ventura (Website design, Campaign Consulting during his run for Governor and other consulting after he was in Office), Northrup Grumman, Council Member Dave Thune (his campaign IT Person), People for Hanson (database management), Harmony Cedar (makers of Amish Furniture, Photo Editing and SEO), Robert Hill Associates At Law, E-Democracy (Production of a Video about their project), Reform Party of MN (Website design), Sheilepski For Sec of State (Awarded Outstanding Political Website), Swanson for Council (Website designer), Bun E Carlos (Rock star from Cheap Trick, with his own coffee which we market on the net), Birrenbch Construction (Doing bookkeeping), Meadowbrook Apartments (Website design), Minnesotan's for a Single House (Website design), Gibson for US Senate (Website design and campaign consulting), Ellison for Congress (Website design and campaign consulting), Authors: Pastor Mike Treis & Archie Spencer. Other awards, Two websites rated WHAT'S HOT by the St Paul Pioneer Press, One Awarded Outstanding Nursing Site.
    Northrup Grumman
    Reform Party of MN Citizens for a Single House

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    Some of the things we have done

    Governor Ventura Web Site
    E-Democracy E-Democracy St Paul Issues Forum
    Bun E Carlos Blend Coffee - Drummer Cheap Trick
    Bun E Carlos Blend of Coffee


    Archie Spencer

    Author of "Prosecutors will be Violated"

    Mike Treis

    Author of:
    "The Man Made Plagues"
    "The Destruction of America"